Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Light Blue Optics Light Touch Revealed Projector Touchscreen Uses Holograms, Lasers, Infrared Beams

It's only been 2010 for a few days and the future is already here. The
UK's own Light Blue Optics demoed a new device at CES, the Light Touch.
The small pico-projector projects a 10-inch display that will respond to
human interaction like a conventional touchscreen would.

/span>That's right, the Light Touch will turn any flat surface into a
10-inch touchscreen with a screen resolution of 800 x 480. Obviously,
the applications of such a device are limitless.
Light Blue Optics' show some press photos of a woman at a clothing store
browsing a small display with information on productions, and another
shows a group of friends viewing a menu on a table. If this technology
becomes practical and cheap enough, it could put Microsoft Surface out
of business.
The image is done with what Light Blue Optics calls HLP or, holographic
laser projector. The HLP powers the pico-projector part of the device,
and unlike most projectors you see on the market, the Light Touch is
powered by lasers, not an LED bulb. The touch sensing is done via
infrared sensors.
As for the Light Touch unit itself, its coming equipped with 2GB of
flash memory along with a microSD slot. It's capable of running Adobe
Flash, and has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It's running Windows CE
and Light Blue Optics demoed off various apps at CES, including a
twitter app.
Various sources at CES got a first-hand look at the device and reported
that it only supports single-touch, and while there were some mistakes
on the infrared sensing – it was decent for the most part and felt
like a conventional touchscreen.
At press time, Light Blue Optics hasn't given any details on pricing or
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