Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Nokia N900 Getting Its First Software Update N900 Gets Firmware version 1.2009.44.1, Brings Ovi Store

Although one of the best mobile phones coming from Nokia, the N900 is
not flawless, hence why today the Finnish company has announced that
they're going to roll out the handset's first software update. Of course
you shouldn't expect anything really big, like Maemo 6 or system-wide
portrait orientation support (as it has a wide resolution that some say
will make you forget about portrait mode), but more like a minor update
that prepares the phone for the upcoming Ov
i Store opening.
Expected to kick in globally within the next 24 hours , the new Nokia
N900 software update (Firmware version 1.2009.44.1) should be available
either as an over-the-air update or if you haven't received it yet,
through Nokia's Software Update app that you have installed on your
computer — and voila, you now have your N900 showing an Ovi Store
icon that will connect you to store.ovi.mobi.
Definitely not a biggie, Nokia N900 users (and us, too) are now keen to
see what's behind build 51 (PR-1.1) as we're hearing it's going to be
huge. For now you have to settle with larger icons in the Application
Manager, one GTK fix, one Maemo Browser fix, and other changes.
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