Thursday, 17 June 2010

Google Grants Nexus One New Upgrade Subsidy Google Nexus One Available for $279 from T-Mobile

Google has sold just around $20,000 Nexus One phones in its opening
week. We expected a lot more phones to be sold, didn t we? The number
might have been affected by the unexpected 3G issues as well as by the
prices asked by Google and T-Mobile for the handset.
As you recall, Google and T-Mobile charged differently their customers.
Those people that didn t want a new contract had to pay $529 for the off
contract version of the phone. New customers were qualifying for the $179 p
rice when signing a new two-year agreement and thus they were getting
the full subsidy.
And customers that were upgrading their phones had to pay either $279,
in case they didn t have any data plans, or $379, in case they did. As
you expect, a lot of people have considered upgrading to the Nexus One
but not everyone acted on that first impulse.
Maybe now it s a good time to rethink everything as Google and T-Mobile
are changing their upgrade subsidy policy. Everyone that s ready to
upgrade to the Nexus One, regardless of their current data plans, will
only have to pay $279 for the device. That s great news but I have more.
Those of you that have already paid $379 for the handset are entitled to
receiving a $100 refund from Google. Well isn t that nice?
Is Google trying to sell more Nexus One phones? Is it trying to improve
its image after the whole 3G support issue with the device? Whatever its
reasons are, I know that some people will be happy to pay less for the
Those of you that are not exactly to upgrade yet should wait a little
while longer as MWC is only a month away. And, from what we ve seen
these last couple of months, one thing is certain: Android will be a hot
topic at MWC 2010 and we expect various manufacturers to showcase new
Android handsets soon. Some of these phones might be even better than
the Nexus One but we ll tell you all about them in a few weeks.
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