Tuesday, 8 June 2010

LG CF3D 3D Projector Unveiled LG Showing 3D-Capable Projector, Full HD, 2,500 Lumens, $10,000 Price Tag

If you're already purchased LG's 3D Monitor and their 3D HDTV, but still
desire a bigger screen, then they've got your back with the new LG CF3D,
a 3D high-def projector. This isn't that crazy of a concept, if you
think, for example, 3D has existed in movie theaters since the 1950's,
and those use projectors.
However, unlike the dual-lens projectors of old 3D theaters, the new LG
3D projector only has a single lens, rather than dual left and right
ones. LG told the press at CES that they intend this to be a consumer
product. Despite that, it'll come with a heavy price tag of $10,000.
The CF3D will offer some impressive A/V specs, including 2,500 lumens, a
7,000:1 contrast ratio, and full 1080p HD video. The LCoS projection is
done via Sony's SXRD technology with six panels, and LG is claiming the
projector is offering a 'true cinema experience'.
You've got to have the latest equipment to run with this projector.
It'll only have two HDMI ports and a few USB ports – no VGA, DVI
or older ports, but something tells me that if you can afford to spend
$10,000 on a 3D HD projector, HDMI ports aren't an issue.
LG had some models on hand at CES, but they were under heavy glass and
not being demonstrated to the press. LG says the model will go on sale
in May of 2010.
Props to SlashGear for the pictures.
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