Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Google Adds Nexus One ETF Over Carrier ETF Google to Charge You an Extra $350 for Dumping Your Nexus One Contract Early

Google is new to the mobile business and one can very well see that!
Moving on past the 3G issues of the newly launched and highly acclaimed
Nexus One, which are surely going to be fixed soon enough, we encounter
another problem wit
h Google s policies regarding Nexus One sales.It would seem that Google
wants to charge Nexus One buyers that choose subsidized versions of the
handset an extra Early Termination Fee on top of the carrier s ETF. That
s a move that is surely not going to be very popular with the masses and
maybe not even with the FCC. The Commission is already investigating
Verizon s new ETF for advanced devices and it might just do the same
with Google.
Why in the world would Google do such a thing? Google is not a carrier,
at least not yet, and manufacturers don t exactly charge ETFs. In fact
it would be T-Mobile or AT T or Verizon who would have to get ETFs out
of those customers that decide to dump their contracts early.
The issue is even more disturbing as Google s ETF amounts to $350. That
s on top of the price you already paid for the subsidized device, $179,
and on top of your carrier s ETF of around $200. In the end your
formerly subsidized phone will cost a lot more than it should. That only
happens if you cancel your contract in the first 120 days of use but
after the initial 14 days trial period.
So if you really want to cancel the Nexus One contract, wait 4 months
before doing it and then go ahead and terminate it. Before you do, make
sure you read all the fine prints in all the Nexus One-related contracts
and agreements you have just signed. Maybe you have given your soul away
in exchange of a Nexus One and you still don t know about it!
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