Sunday, 27 June 2010

LG BD590 Blu-Ray Player Uncovered LG's Latest Blu-Ray Player First With Onboard Hard Drive, Also Has VUDU, WiFi Connectivity

LG has shown off a bright new Blu-Ray player that is the world's first
to come with its own hard drive built into the box. Unfortunately
– it's not for 'backing up' your Blu-Ray movies to a hard drive.
Instead, it's for storing music and other media files so you can make
the Blu-Ray player the centerpiece in your media set

It will rip CDs directly to the hard drive, and movies and photos can be
transfered to the device via USB or Ethernet. Unfortunately, LG added
802.11n WiFi connectivity, but you can't wirelessly add files to the
hard drive. As you can imagine, once the files are on there, you can
play them anytime.
LG can't feature DVD and Blu-Ray ripping for obvious reasons, but as
some blogs have reported, breaking Blu-Ray encryption would require
full-on cracking anyway, and the file sizes of Blu-Ray files would
quickly fill up LG's 250GB hard drive they've included on the BD590.
The other features all have been previously seen on other LG Blu-Ray
players. It features MusicID by Gracenote that will let users identify a
song – any song, from any piece of media being playing on it. LG's
NetCast internet function will let users buy and download movies from
online service VUDU. The nice thing about the BD590 is that the movies
can be directly downloaded to the internal hard drive. The BD590 will
also be compliant with all DLNA standards.
No comments about pricing yet, before the device's planned Spring/Summer
2010 release. Oddly enough, the Sony PlayStation 3 has a Blu-Ray player
and an internal hard drive, and has been around for 3 years, but I guess
LG's marketing department doesn't count that.
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