Monday, 21 June 2010

iPhone 4G to Come with Touch-Sensitive Casing? Rumors Say iPhone Next-gen Casing Will be Just Like Apple’s Magic Mouse, Touch-Friendly

It s time for more iPhone 4G rumors folks and the one I m about to share
with you sounds very interesting. In fact, if true, it might totally
change the way we interact with the device and it could convince most
people to switch to the next-gen iPhone.We have previously talked about
the features that should be found inside the new phone and they also
sound very interesting: dual-core processor, OLED display, removable
battery, better graphics chip, front-facing camera and more. But what
nobody really cared about was the casing of the phone. And this is where
things get really interesting. It looks like the case will be as
touch-friendly as the Magic Mouse, also a new Apple creation.
According to Robert Chan, an analyst from Goldman Sachs, the new iPhone,
that s coming in June, will come with a touch-sensitive casing. If
indeed this is true then we can expect the new casing to help us
navigate through menus faster, scroll through pages and perform
different tasks activated by a fast touch on the back of the phone.
While all that sounds pretty innovative, although in all honesty there
is a phone that uses a similar concept, the Motorola BACKFLIP, I ask you
if we really need an all touch iPhone? How would one grab the phone?
Will involuntary touching of the case initiate a sequence of events that
we didn t really want to activate? Will we have to turn on the casing
every time we want to use it?
But hey, Apple comes up with whack, out of the box ideas that most of
the time just work. Steve Jobs will probably explain the features of the
new iPhone 4G better this summer when everything should unravel before
our eyes.
Oh and the picture above is an iPhone 4G design that presents the
next-gen iPhone in an interesting combination of aluminum and glass.
Naturally it s just an interesting design but not the official one.
Picture from Gizmodo
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