Monday, 21 June 2010

Inbrics Releases More Information On MID Android-based MID to feature camera, media convergence

Back in November we covered the first glimpses of Inbrics' Android MID
along with a very scare spec sheet. Inbrics has promised that more
information will be revealed at the 2010 CES, was also vaguely written
in that report some months ago. CES 2010 has come, and gone, and we did
indeed g
et new information on the Inbrics Android MID. While the device will
mostly be the same, it's going to be much more than a MID.
As you can see above (photo courtesy of SlashGear), the front of the MID
has gone through a slight redesign, but it still features the slide-down
QWERTY keyboard. As for features, it'll still have the AMOLED
touchscreen, the ARM Cortex processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G/WiMax
connectivity for your data connection. Note – this isn't a phone,
it's strictly a web surfer. The phone will also have two digital
cameras, a forward facing webcam for video conferencing, and a
traditional 3-megapixel digital camera.
The software is really what makes this thing stand out. Inbrics has
promised a concept called 3 Screen Plus , where the Inbrics MID 1 will
act as a controller to push digital media to various devices, TVs, DVRs,
computers. How they attempt to do this 'under-the-hood' is still
unannounced, but there press release made it sound like the device can
push media easily across your WiFi network. Hopefully, the MID 1 will be
DLNA compliant.
Inbrics is in talks with some of the world's biggest cellular companies
to help them bring the device to markets, so it appears likely the
device will be sold with a 3G contract and a subsidy. Speaking of that,
no word on pricing, but Inbrics is aiming for a late 2010/early 2011. I
fear that this cool device will be sunk by the holy Apple
iSlate/iTablet/iWhatever by then and the following wave of 15-inch
tablet MIDs that will follow.
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