Monday, 21 June 2010

Amtrak Planning Free WiFi For 2010 Amtrak's Acela Trains Between New York, Boston And D.C. To Get Free WiFi

Amtrak has announced that it will bring free WiFi to travelers on its
Acela line of trains, connecting New York City, Boston and Washington
D.C.ย The struggling train operator hopes to entice travelers that
currently opt for shorter flights between these north east cities.
Amtrak's plans for WiFi access don't end with this free WiFi offer on
its Acela line, as
they hope to extend wireless access to most if not all of their
lines.ย The difference, however, is that Amtrak plans to eventually
offer WiFi as a premium to their travel customers.ย The Acela line WiFi
offer will be ran in hopes of increasing ridership, a test to generate
market response.
Should Amtrak be successful with this offer, it could be expanded to
other popular routes in the years ahead.ย When Amtrak's WiFi access
switches to a premium service, expect prices to be in line with WiFi
offers from air travel carriers.ย AirTran, for example, offers
in-flight WiFi for $10 for flights under 3 hours and $13 for flights
that exceed 3 hours.ย While many domestic Amtrak trips exceed this
range into 10+ hour travel times, it might be possible for an hourly
service charge.ย Either way, anyone who has traveled with Amtrak would
likely welcome the service, especially during longer trips.
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