Monday, 28 June 2010

HTC Supersonic Ready for Sprint’s WiMAX? Sprint to Launch HTC Supersonic A9292 WiMAX-enabled Smartphone in 2010

One of the most interesting devices mentioned so far this year is the
HTC A9292 which is apparently Sprint s first WiMAX-ready smartphone. We
have already mentioned the device but now we have more details about the
A9292. Apparently called the Supersonic, the new handset is probably a
phone you ll want to play with.

The Supersonic is probably HTC s first WiMAX phone too and I personally
expect it to beat the HD2 in terms of specs and features. The phone hasn
t been properly announced and we don t even have mock-up pictures of the
device yet. But we do have an idea of what the Supersonic could bring us
The only problem with this phone, at least for now, is that it will only
offer faster 4G speeds to Sprint customers. Since WiMAX hasn t been
really deployed anywhere yet, the Supersonic will only be a 3G phone in
other markets. Furthermore the world seems to be choosing an LTE
standard for its future 4G networks so I imagine HTC would also be ready
to launch an LTE-enabled Supersonic when the time comes.
The Supersonic is rumored to be an Android 2.1 smartphone that will
sport a 4.3-inch non-AMOLED display, a thin case, a fast Snapdragon
processor from Qualcomm, WiMAX and 3G support and, hopefully, even more
enticing features.
According to leaks the phone is not quite ready yet. The software is
buggy at this point but HTC will probably sort everything out later this
year. The phone will also happen to be the first Android handset ready
to surf at 4G speeds so we d probably not want to see the Supersonic
have 4G problems at launch.
Will we see the Supersonic in action at MWC 2010? We re almost a month
away from Spain s famous event so HTC might have plenty of time to
reveal to the world its WiMAX-related intentions for 2010.
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