Monday, 28 June 2010

ASUS Eee Box 1501 Coming With Blu-Ray ASUS Nettop Getting Blu-Ray, Features Atom, 2GB RAM

Based on what they're shipping in Switzerland, ASUS has added a Blu-Ray
player to their modest ASUS Eee Box 1501 nettop PC. The ASUS Eee Box
1501, out worldwide, is currently shipping with a CD burner – but
a model that's shipping to Switzerland now features a Blu-Ray drive.
Since a lot of users use their nettops as Media Center PCs, this is a
big feature.
The rest of the 1501 is unchanged, including an older Intel Atom N330
processor, 2GB of RAM, NVIDIA ION graphics, and some how, ASUS got a
320GB HDD into the small b
ox of the 1501. No official word on the Blu-Ray model has come out about
the Swiss Blu-Ray edition – instead, Swiss retailer
posted the sales listing for the computer early.
The included Atom N330 isn't a Pine Trail model but it does feature
dual-cores, and it's assumed, considering ASUS' stellar track record,
that the modest specs of this nettop are capable of comfortably playing
Blu-Ray HD content. Other features of the Eee Box 1501 which are
allegedly unchanged include an HDMI port, WiFi, Ethernet and 6 USB ports.
The nettop will come with Windows 7 Home Premium, and comes with IPTV
software, solidifying it's market niche as a media center nettop. It
even has standard VESA mounting holes so it can be attached to the back
of an HDTV.
The new Blu-Ray equipped 1501 is being sold by the Swiss retailer for
630 Swiss francs (about $614) but expect the price to come down a bit
for the rest of Europe and the US. The device hasn't even been
officially announced yet, but expect it to come to the rest of the world
sometime soon.
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