Sunday, 6 June 2010

Google to Sell Up to 6 Million Nexus One Phones in 2010 Google Nexus One to Become Best Android Phone Sold This Year?

While the Google Nexus One failed to get an acclaimed, flawless launch,
it is still going to be one of the most important phones of 2010. Google
together with T-Mobile will surely make the mo
st of it as both companies crave more attention from the mobile
business.And according to analysts the Nexus One will sell quite well in
2010. They estimate that Google will sell 5 to 6 million handsets this
year which means that up to 500,000 units should be sold every month in
order to reach that quota. Does that make the Google Nexus One the best
sold Android phone of 2010? Well I guess that s hardly going to be possible.
First of all a more famous Android phone is already in stores in the USA
and various other countries around the world. The Motorola Droid is
expected to sell very well in 2010 too. According to analysts, Motorola
will sell somewhere around 13 million units which means that for every
Google handset sold Motorola will sell two Droids.
Then there s always the competition to inspect. Apple is projected to
sell 36 million phones this year which means that every month Apple is
expected to move an average of 3 million iPhones. Let s not forget that
at some point in July Cupertino will launch the fourth-generation iPhone
which could convince even more people to get one.
We ll be focusing on those numbers in a couple of months to see how
these companies will perform. After all right now we are only talking
about analysts predictions and we all know that these predictions could
go wrong from time to time.
Nevertheless two things are shaping up from their conclusions! The
iPhone will outsell Android handsets in 2010, which is something I could
have told you, but the second, most interesting thing is that Google
will manage to sell quite a few of its own handsets. Therefore a Google
Nexus Two or Three could become even a more important player in the
mobile business in the years to come.
In the mean time Microsoft and Nokia will watch from the sidelines as
Apple, Google, RIM and maybe Palm will dominate the smartphone business.
Unless Windows Mobile 7 and a totally new Symbian OS are going to arrive
earlier than expected, of course!
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