Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Orange France Unconfirms Confirmation of Apple Tablet Apple โ€�iSlateโ€ Probably Still Coming in March

Just a little earlier today we told you how France Telecom has
officially confirmed the Apple ta
blet. I was expecting the company to retract everything in a day or so
but it looks like they have been a lot faster than anticipated. Did any
Apple executive yell over the phone at some Orange fellow?Well something
did happen as it looks like Mr. Stephane Richard s answers had to be
twisted and turned by the Orange s PR army. According to them Richard
has simply confirmed the fact the whole speculation on Apple s upcoming
tablet. Moreover his comments were apparently taken out of context and
not translated properly. Well that s definitely the weird but official
unconfirmation of the earlier official confirmation of the rumored iSlate.
In all honesty we really don t care whether any executive wants to
confirm the tablet or keep denying it. It s pretty darn clear that Apple
will launch the device this year. At this very exact moment, and this is
a point I did make before, Apple can t afford not to launch a tablet
when everybody else does.
Imagine for a second that the iSlate is not coming on January 26/27. Not
only will everybody hate Apple for not having made its position on
tablets clearer a few months ago but Apple s main competitors will get a
lot of tablet requests from people that are already saving money to get
an iSlate in March.
Basically Apple could lose a lot of customers and therefore a lot of
money in case its tablet doesn t really exist. After all tablets from
the competition will surely become very popular too and very affordable.
So Apple lovers, and haters for that matter, rest assured that the Apple
is coming, probably at the end of January and we ll do our best to cover
it extensively for you.
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