Sunday, 6 June 2010

Google Nexus One WiFi Capabilities Updated Nexus One 802.11n Confirmed Non-Existent – Nexus One A 802.11b/g WiFi Only Device

Earlier today we covered the 3G reception issues apparently plaguing the
Google Nexus One Android smartphone and now, just to diminish the shine
of Google s new smartphone rather more, it now transpires that though
the handset was previously officially listed by Google as offering
802.11b/g/n WiFi connectivity (as we reported on back in this post) it s
actually not 802.11n capable at all.
Interestingly, whilst Google s officially released specs concerning the
Nexus One s WiFi capabilities now transpire to have been erroneous (they
have duly amended the specs to confirm that 802.11nย isn'tย supported
– or at least, not yet – see image below) HTC s original
spec sheet appears to have been spot an " as HTC originally listed the
Nexus One as a 802.11b/g WiFi (not n) WiFi capable device.
We suspect that Nexus One users in the US who are experiencing 3G
reception issues will greet this news with disdain, especially if
Wireless-N connectivity had been a key attribute that make the Nexus One
so appealing in the first place. Still, it s not as if the iPhone boasts
Wireless-N connectivity, is it, though it has the hardware in place to
support the standard (who knows, perhaps one day Apple will actually
allow us to connect up to our home networks and WiFi hotspots at 802.11n
speeds (but I wouldn t hold your breath). But I digress

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