Sunday, 6 June 2010

Google Going Eco-Friendly with Google Energy? Google Energy to Power Google Data Centers?

We can t keep talking about gadgets without remembering that this Earth
has limited resources for us to use. And the more technology advances
the more we realize that those resources that seemed infinite a hundred
years ago are simply not going to be enough for this tiny little blue
planet.These resources are needed to build and power our devices. And
when we speak about resources we also have to speak about energy. And
when we speak about energy we have to speak about the business behind
that energy.
Google seems to be interested in that energy as it created a new
subsidiary which is supposed to buy and sell power. Google Energy was
created last month and it asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
to be allowed to participate in the energy markets. Does Google really
want to control everything there is off and online?
Well Google seems to want to take an eco-friendly approach to the whole
energy solution. According to Niki Fenwick, a Google representative the
company wants to �buy the highest quality, most affordable renewable
energy � whenever it can and �use the green credits. �
Google s Data Centers need all the power they can get. The whole Google
empire is based on a large data center network which has to have enough
energy to function. Google has already been focusing on creating energy
efficient data centers and it has invested in thermal solar power,
geothermal energy and it will probably not stop there.
Will Google Energy give even more power to Google? And I am not
referring to actual energy needed for those growing data centers right
now? Will we see Google play an even more important role in our future
day to day life?

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