Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Adobe Packager for iPhone Makes Flash Apps A Reality ActionScript3 Projects to Run as Native iPhone Apps

The iPhone may still not offer full support of Adobe Flash but, thanks
to Adobe, and specifically their newly announced Adobe Packager for
iPhone, Flash developers will soon have a way to create native iPhone
apps from their ActionScript 3 projects courtesy of its Creative Suite 5
software which can then duly be offered for download via apple s iTunes
Adobe s Packager for iPhone is part of the Create Suite 5 developer
tools pack, which is presently in beta, but, when launched later this
year, it will undoubtedly see a great many more iPhone Apps hit iTunes
" especially the case being that Adobe courts around 2 million Flash
developers, a fair number of whom who will no doubt be biting at the bit
to release iPhone Apps created via the CS5 app.
Those interested in Adobe CS5 and/or (specifically) the Adobe Packager
for iPhone can gain more insightful information from here.
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