Sunday, 27 June 2010

Cowon W2 MID Revealed Cowon's MID Shown Off At CES, 4.8-inch Screen, Atom Processor, Windows 7

At CES last week, one of the stories was tablets, with the impending
Apple i-whatever, the HP/Microsoft tablet, and other companies trying to
get their attempts into the ring. Cowon quietly showed off their W2 MID
device last week. While the company may be better known for their PMP
products, the specs on their W2 MID looked worthy.
The discreet mobile internet device will sport an Intel Atom processor
(unfortunately, not Pine Trail) that'll come with a clock speed 1.33GHz.
A 4.8-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 will the main
. Windows 7 will be the operating system of choice, and the W2 will
include connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth and a good old Ethernet port.
Speaking of ports, it'll have USB and USB mini ports, as well as
monitor- and TV- outputs. While Cowon hasn't explicitly said,
speculation on the internet points to the device having VGA and
Component outputs for displaying the video on a bigger screen.
Take note of the 1024 x 600 screen resolution – while it isn't
1080p ready or some insane 3000 x 2000, it IS higher than most netbooks
with a 10-inch screen, and you'll recall the Cowon only has a 4.8-inch
screen. While Cowon didn't say what graphics solution they had under the
hood – it must be something substantial.
Cowon didn't give any hints as to the memory solutions for this device,
but internet speculation put it at 1GB of RAM with 32GB of flash
storage. While it'll likely get blown away vs. the Apple iSlate –
the brushed metal chassis of the Cowon W2 isn't bad for what will likely
be a low-priced device. Cowon didn't release any information on pricing
or release dates.
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