Sunday, 27 June 2010

Samsung Debuts 64GB moviNAND Memory High Density 64GB moviNAND Flash Memory Announced

Samsung have just announced that they've come up with an improved mass
storage solution for smartphones and similar portable consumer
electronics products. Dubbed moviNAND, the new drives take advantage of
the company's new 30nm technology and manage to reach a
record 64GB storage space in a less than 0.06 inches tall package. How
is that possible? There are 16 thin 4GB chips tied together to reach the
Also benefiting from the upgrade is Samsung's microSDHC card line which
now stocks up to eight 4GB chips (for a total of 32GB) inside the
0.04-inch thing package.
For those out of the know, moviNAND (eMMC) is an embedded storage
solution with an MMC interface, flash memory and controller, all in a
small BGA package. It is based upon the industry-standard MMC System
Specification v4.3 and JEDEC BGA packaging standards. With interface
speeds of up to 52 MB per second, moviNAND provides fast scalable
performance. It supports x1, x4 or x8 bus width and allows for an
interface voltage of either 1.8v or 3.3v, the company notes on their
Regarding availability, Samsung have acknowledge to have been producing
the 64GB moviNAND since December 2009 (how rude of you not to share), as
for the 32GB microSDHC it should be on the production lines starting
next month.
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