Monday, 28 June 2010

Apple to Launch 22-In Touchscreen iMac This Year? 22-In Touchscreen iMacComing in 2010 from Apple

We have a new Apple-related rumor for you today and it s neither tablet-
nor iPhone-related. If you ask me, it s definitely a nice change of
scenery to talk about other hot upcoming Apple products. And this time
around we re talking about the next iMac version, a rumored 22-inch
touchscreen all-in-one iMac computer.
According to leaks it would seem that Quanta working closesly with
Sintek Photronic will manufacture the new 22-inch machine which is supp
osed to go on sale later this year. While Quanta will actually construct
the new computer it s Sintek Photronic the company that will make the
touchscreen panels. The new iMac will probably not replace any of the
existing models and will sell together with the 21.5- and 27-inch models.
It s probably about time Apple started to make its own touchscreen
all-in-one desktops. Its competition already has such models on sale and
since touch-friendly user interfaces are more and more popular, Apple
will not want to miss out on its potential touchscreen iMac buyers.
But before purchasing a 22-inch touchscreen iMac you d better wait for
Apple to fix its yellow screen issues. Chances are that you also have a
friend or acquaintance that has purchased a yellow screen iMac from
Apple and returned in the end after not having been able to fix the
display problems. And since Apple hasn t really announced the new iMac
yet, you will be waiting for the new beast for a long while.
Although I was planning not to make any tablet reference here, the fact
that Apple is considering launching a 22-inch touchscreen iMac in 2010
only further confirms the fact that an Apple tablet is going to be
presented on January 26/27. After making touchscreen devices popular
with the first iPhone, Apple will probably bring this technology to even
more products in the coming years. Will you purchase a touchscreen iMac
in the future?
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