Monday, 28 June 2010

LG to Launch Windows Mobile 7 Smartphone in September? Windows Mobile 7 is Alive; LG Android 2.1 Smartphone Also in the Works

Although it s the weekend, ladies and gentlemen, and we d expect people
to actually rest during these days, it would look like the tech world
doesn t have time to pause. And neither do we!
A very hot rumor is saying that LG is thinking Windows Mobile happy
thoughts. And I m not talking the 6.5 or 6.6 kind. Yes, you got it
right, it looks like LG will launch a Windows Mobile 7 device this fall
and we d love to hear more about it. Unfortunately this whole commotion
is based on some Twitter rumors which basically say that:
LG will release a Windows Mobile 7 mobile phone in September and an
Android 2.1 mobile phone in April in the USA followed by Europe just
after that.
Which gets me to the second rumored item of today, the Android 2.1
smartphone that LG is supposed to launch this April. We don t expect LG
to confirm any of these two upcoming gadgets but if I was a betting men
I d say that the Android 2.1 phone is definitely coming this spring. As
for the Windows Mobile 7 device, sure LG will launch one when the new OS
from Redmond is good and ready. But will that happen this year or only
in 2011?
Right now we ll be waiting for Apple s move. Should Cupertino launch
iPhone OS 4.0 at the end of the month, we might just see Google and
Microsoft hurry up to introduce Android 2.1 and Windows Mobile 7 at MWC
2010 in February. After that we can expect manufacturers, including LG,
to make more Android and Windows Mobile handsets in a preemptive strike
against the upcoming iPhone 4G.
And if Apple doesn t launch iPhone OS 4.0 in a few days, I d say that
both Google and Microsoft still need to launch their updated OSes as
soon as possible. After all the iPhone 4G is definitely coming this
summer and when it does, it might, yet again, deal a successful blow to
the competition.
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