Monday, 28 June 2010

Donate to Haiti & Help Save a Country Donate Without Being Scammed & Help Relieve the Earthquake Effort

While we keep talking about new technology and gadgets here at TFTS, we
can t ignore w
hat happened in Haiti. The major earthquake that shattered the small
country has made thousands of victims. And without everyone contributing
to the relief efforts in Haiti, the country will have a hard time
getting back on track.
Luckily for us tech-addicts there are various ways to help out the
country. At the same time there are lots of scammers out there willing
to take advantage of the disaster in their favor and get some money in
the process. Fortunately it isn t very difficult to spot scams from the
real thing and you should be able to donate, as much as you can, knowing
that your money will get where they re needed most.
There are various ways to donate and you can do it online or through SMS
messages. Organizations like The American Red Cross, UNICEF and Doctors
Without Borders already have set up donations sites and you can go ahead
and donate as little as $10.
Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean has setup a Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund
which accepts $5 donations via SMS. Apple is accepting up to $200
donations straight from iTunes and since lots of people have iTunes
accounts it shouldn t be that difficult sending in donations.
Cell phone carriers in the USA also support the whole campaign. Simply
send a SMS message containing the word HAITI to 90999 and you will be
donating $10 which will show up on your next carrier bill. Carriers will
also waive SMS messages costs for those dedicated messages and all the
money will be directed to the Haitian earthquake effort.
So far it looks like text donations are coming in very fast. The Mobile
Giving Foundation raised more than $11 million, the American Red Cross
received more than $9 million while the Wycleaf Jean fund raised $2
million from text messages.
Have you donated already?
Picture from Mirror News
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