Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Apple iSlate Tablet to be an โ€�iPhone on Steroidsโ€ Rumor Suggests Tablet True iPhone-resemblance

Dear oh dear, we have more tablet-related rumors for you. This time
everything comes from an Apple insider that obviously has more
information available about the upcoming iSlate.What he basically says
there is that the Apple tablet is going to be an �iPhone on steroids. �
If you love your iPhone then imagine a bigger version of it capable to
do cooler stuff and prepare to love it too. If you hate the iPhone then
imagine a bigger version of it incapable to meet your growing needs and
prepare to hate it too.
But let s see exactly what the new report suggests:The tablet's
multi-touch gestures are out of control. It's powered by an incredibly
fast ARM CPU It runs on the iPhone kernel. The internal model number is
K48AP. There hasn't been an updated iPhone OS build because there's too
much tablet-related code/references in the OS and Apple obviously didn't
want that to leak. Oops. The tablet is basically an iPhone on steroids.
Most of the things above have already been rumored for a long time now.
And although it s still too early to compile a rumor roundup for the
Apple tablet, we re still going to do it thanks to the helpful picture
So here s what people, TFTS included, have been talking about the Apple
tablet during these last few months:Quarter-two launch Called iSlate
Around $1,000 Pixel Qi screen January 27 unveiling Runs iPhone OS Unique
tablet UI 10-inch display Powered by P A Semi chip 3D operating system
navigation e-reader like functionality for newspapers, books, magazines
march launch supports Apple s App Store multitouch version of iWorks
OLED screen Two different finishes Interact with tablet using palms and
fingers Front facing cameras Aluminum casing Supported by multiple 3G
As you can see we covered most rumored, leaked and semi-confirmed
stories regarding the iSlate. With exactly two weeks to go until Apple
talks about it, how many more rumors are we going to see?
Picture from thegreenroomblog

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