Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Google Docs Allows You to Upload & Store Files Online Google Docs to Bring Free Online Storage Space For Any Types of File

One of the top services coming from Mountain View, Google Docs is being
upgraded over
the next few weeks allowing users to upload, store and manage any type
of files from their own computer.
Officially announced today in a post on the company'sย blog, the new
service promises to store up to 1GB of data that you don't convert into
one of the Google Docs formats (graphics, photos, video with a 250MB max
size per file). Break that barrier and you're in for a paid service that
will cost just $0.25 for every gigabyte, per year.
Combined with shared folders, you can store, organize, and collaborate
on files more easily using Google Docs. For example, if you are in a
club or PTA working on large graphic files for posters or a newsletter,
you can upload them to a shared folder for collaborators to view,
download, and print, said Vijay Bangaru, Product Manager, Google Docs.
Looks like the new Google Docs is ready to become an easy storage
solution for all your sensitive data, or a replacer for your USB flash
drive when it comes to large files you can't send over email.

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