Monday, 21 June 2010

Verizon Wireless to Change Phone and Data Plans Pricing in 2010 New Verizon Phone and Data Plans Prices Available from January 18

Verizon Wireless seems ready to offer its customers new phone and data
pricing this year. The whole thing is supposed to happen starting with
January 18 as it looks like Verizon is currently training its employees
regarding the upcoming changes.Big Red hasn t officially announced the
new plans but the official press release should arrive at some point in
the following weeks. Verizon will apparently want to ditch the
all-inclusive Premium plan while the Basic plan will become the
Nationwide Talk and the Select Plan will become the Nationwide Talk
Text. A 30% drop in pricing for the unlimited version of these plans is
going to be available but, again, nothing is yet official.
As for the new data plans you can expect a new $9.99 data plan that
comes with 25MB limit and mobile email while a $29.99 per month plan
will get you unlimited traffic and mobile email.
Another change will affect the 3G multimedia phones that are going to be
sold by Verizon in the near future. It looks like all those phones will
require a mandatory data plan of at least $9.99, but then again everyone
wants some data plan with their 3G smartphone, don t they?
Unlimited voice plans will cost $69.99 while the $89.99 version includes
unlimited text messages too. Family plans are going to start at $119.99
per month for the first line and then $49.99 per line per month.
Unlimited data and text options will be available too so you ll have
plenty to choose from in a few weeks.
As for new prepaid plans you can expect a new unlimited Talk Text plan
that will cost $94.99 per month. Cheaper versions will also be available
at $84.99 and $64.99 per month.
What do you say, are you ready for Big Red s newest phone and data plans?
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