Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Motorola Brute i680 Available on Sprint Brute i680 Rugged Mobile For the Sloppy

Motorola have just added to their phone collection with a rugged mobile
that won't mind when you drop it on cement. Dubbed Motorola Brute i680,
the new device is packed with military specifications that make it dust,
shock and vibration resistant, along with not caring when you leave it
out in low and high temperatures, salt fog, humidity or rain.
Specs wise, the new Motorola Brute i680 features a 2-megapixel camera
with integrated flash, has a large internal and external display, a
microUSB connector, built-in GPS, Stereo Bluet
ooth connectivity, a noise cancellation microphone, a large battery that
promises an extended talk time and a range of music features. On top of
that the Brute i680 allows users to switch from an active push-to-talk
call to an interconnect voice call, at the touch of a button (on the
side of the phone).
Motorola Brute i680 is currently selling on Sprint for $119.99, with a
mobile phone plan.
Sounds like you're now ready for a trip to Siberia without fearing that
your mobile will die on you.
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