Monday, 10 May 2010

T-Mobile's @Home Service to Shut Down Soon T-Mobile Discontinuing Its @Home Service for New Customers

Lured in by T-Mobile's @Home service that only costs $10, can be added
to most of their wireless service plans and allows customers to make
home phone calls via a router connected to the Internet? Well we may
have bad news unless you already have one of these de
vices installed at home or in your office, as we caught wind of a rumor
that the US carrier is supposedly shutting down their @Home service.
>From what we learned, T-Mobile have put and end to any future investments and when the current batch of routers has been sold, they will stop offering the @Home service to new customers. Apparently, current @Home customers will not be affected as they'll still get to use the service, but we're yet to see if Magenta will continue supporting it as they claim.
The reasons why T-Mobile puts and end to the @Home service are pretty
clear — not profiting enough off the service. But there are
reasons for that. First of all the service was only available to
PostPaid Perfect Credit accounts, which is why so little subscribers.
Secondly, it looks like it was a bit underpriced (funny how we say that
now, although we're looking for the cheapest best), hence why T-Mobile
couldn't make a good profit off of it.
What do you guys think?
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