Monday, 10 May 2010

Sony Dash 7-Inch Personal Internet Viewer Revealed Sony's Dash Internet Display Brings Chumby-Style Internet Apps, News, Weather and More

Sony has revealed the Sony Dash today in Las Vegas at CES 2010.ย The
Sony Dash is a 7-inch Personal Internet Viewer , a touchscreen tablet
device that acts as a table top news and app viewer that displays news,
weather, social media updates and other internet apps.
The Sony Dash is Sony's take on the Chumby, a table top internet media
display.ย The Sony Dash is like an alarm clock on steroids or the
ultimate office desk assistant, in that it draws channels of content
from the web and provides a constant display of information.ย The time,
date and local weather are standard, but users can add content streams
from twitter, facebook, flickr, news sources and otherwise.ย More
specifically, the Sony Dash can display specific, select items from the
web like videos from YouTube, internet radio from Pandora, recipes from
Epicurious and sports scores from ESPN.
The Sony Dash is not a two-way interface device like a standard web
browser, but a one-way display of web media.ย Users cannot input
content (like text or images) into the Sony Dash, but display content
from web sources.ย While that may appear limiting, the Dash has a
specific intent that can add value to web-connected living.ย The Sony
Dash will be available in April on the web and in select Sony retailers
for $199.
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