Sunday, 2 May 2010

iBuyPower Unveils MultiTouch Gaming Laptop New Battalion Touch CZ-10 Will Feature 15-inch Touchscreen

iBuyPower always been a good boutique PC builder and often a
lower-priced alternative to big names Alienware and Falcon Northwest. At
CES, iBuyPower showed off the Battalion Touch CZ-10 – which the
company claims is the world's first touch-enabled gaming notebook.
They're not stopping there, as the CZ-10 is just the first in
iBuyPower's planned touch-enabled serie
s of gaming PCs.
iBuyPower didn't provide any hard specs on the CZ-10, but what we do
know is that'll feature a 15-inch MultiTouch enabled screen, and that it
will run Windows 7 and utilize all of Windows 7's touch capabilities. It
also won't leave you lacking in the graphics department –
iBuyPower promises a gaming-grade discrete ATI or NVIDIA graphics
processing unit will be included in the CZ-10.
As for the gaming applications of the touchscreen, iBuyPower seems to
want to appeal to RTS gamers. Imagine commanding armies, or supporting
your ogre hunting party with just the point of your finger, their press
page says.
One advantage the CZ-10 has over the upcoming horde of tablet PCs is
that most will likely have on-board or low-end graphics, so if the CZ-10
comes equips with a decent gaming graphics card, then this notebook
would really stand above the rest. iBuyPower didn't give any pricing or
release information at this time.
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