Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Samsung MyFit and Ice Touch Unveiled Samsung Shows Off Two New PMP Devices, Transparent Display, Health Fitness

Samsung has unveiled two new PMP devices, each aimed at a different
market. The Samsung MyFit is a fitness orientated PMP device, with tools
and apps to help you lose weight and keep in shame. The other is the
Samsung Ice Touch, which sports a transparent AMOLED display.
Samsung is promoting the Samsung MyFit as the first portable media
player to integrate wellness management tools . Th
e PMP can monitor your stress and fat levels and give you customized
workout guides, calorie counting features, exercise management and
fitness goals. An accelerometer keeps track of how far you jog and MyFit
includes a water intake manager as well as a utility to help you stop
smoking. 8GB of space is included for music files.
For the lazy, there is the Samsung Ice Touch.ย The main attraction here
is the two-inch transparent AMOLD display (a similar display was seen on
the Sony Xperia Pureness). The Ice Touch has Samsung's TouchWiz Sweep
interface and offers 16GB of storage space for your music.
Samsung says to expect both of these new gadgets out sometime in the
first half of this year.
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