Tuesday, 11 May 2010

iGUGU Gamescore Puts PC Games On TV New Controller With Trackball and Keyboard Lets You Wirelessly Play From Your Sofa

iGUGU's website says very simply right from the beginning, the keyboard
and mouse which is designed for writing letters and spreadshees sic
using a 14-inch monitor. I'm sure a lot of PC game
rs (myself included) would disagree with that. Regardless, the iGUGU is
a new gadget that will let you play PC games on a TV.
The iGUGU is comprised of two parts, the first being a
receiver/transmitter that connects your TV and PC. It's like you'd
expect, with the PC end having keyboard, mouse and monitor inputs and
the PC side having TV outputs. The next part is the iGUGU Gamecore
Controller, which looks similar to a Xbox 360 controller (pictured
above). With the controller, you'll be able to play your PC on the sofa.
The iGUGU is coming in two models, mid-range and long-range, with the
mid-range providing 15 feet of wireless range and the long-range
providing a whopping 200 feet. No pricing or availability information
yet – but depending on how cheap it comes in, it could be a cheap
way to watch digital content from your desktop on your TV. You'll have
to make up your own mind about it's gaming applications, though.
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