Tuesday, 11 May 2010

AT&T Finally Ready for Android and webOS AT&T to Launch Five Android & Two webOS Smartphones in 2010

For some weird reason which I happen to like to call the iPhone, AT T
has kept away from the newest mobile operating systems available to
date. The carrier hasn t been very interested in either Android or webOS
so far but as it gets closer to the inevitable end of its iPhone
exclusivity, it has to explore other mobile OS for its
customers.Although not official just yet, it s expected that AT T s
iPhone rule will end in the near future so the carrier has to find other
ways to keep subscribers interested in its offers. Both Android and
webOS are two promising mobile operating systems which we ll certainly
see more and more in the future. If webOS failed to become the number
one enemy of the iPhone, Android managed to grow at an impressive rate
in 2009 and AT T wouldn t want to miss on all that action.
AT T has announced today that it will launch not one but five Android
smartphones this year which will be manufactured by HTC, Motorola and
Dell. Not all the details are known so far but AT T seems to be very
serious about Android since these upcoming five handsets are to be
unleashed in the first half of the year with more to come after that.
AT T will also launch two webOS handsets in the same period of time
which means that its subscribers will get quite a bunch of hot phones in
the very near future. It is yet unknown if AT T will launch the Pre and
the Pixi or if Palm has something else coming out soon. But I definitely
hope Palm has new handsets coming out this year.
Last but not least, AT T will apparently focus on apps for all the its
upcoming smartphones which is not a bad thing considering that most
people are interested in getting as many apps installed on their brand
new phones. But at the same time all those people interested in as many
apps as possible also happen to want fast 3G connectivity in order to
use those apps. So hopefully AT T will increase its efforts on improving
its 3G network in the following months in order to better accommodate
those Android and webOS that are coming soon.
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