Monday, 10 May 2010

Samsung CL80 Compact Camera Gets Official Samsung CL80 Looks Like Regular Point-and-Shoot Cameras, Acts Like So Much More

Just earlier this evening you ve seen two regular point-and-shoot
cameras from Samsung, the TL210 and t
he TL205 and now you re about to see the queen of compact cameras
revealed so far at CES 2010. Mind you, I haven t seen them all yet and
from what I can gather CES 2010 is going to bring us lots of new compact
cameras to choose from.I myself am a big fan of compact cameras. They
are exactly what one needs to capture those unique moments of one s
life. Press a button and the picture, or the movie for that matter, is
there. No need for fancy lenses and manual controls, no need for a
10-minute setup of a perfect picture. Sure DSLR cameras will offer you
gorgeous photos, I ll give you that, but a point-and-shoot camera can do
wonders in the hands of an experienced photographer.
Which brings me to this particular camera, the Samsung CL80, a device
that I d definitely want to use at some point in the near future. The
specs of the CL80 amaze me and I m sure you ll be amazed too.
The Samsung CL80 comes with features like 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen
LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity support, 14-megapixel shooter, 7x optical zoom,
720p video recording, Bluetooth 2.0 support, HDMI and DLNA connectivity.
Ready for more? How about Smart Gesture UI? What about email and direct
upload to a bunch of photo sharing websites including YouTube, Picasa
and Facebook?
As you expect the point-and-shoot also comes with various built-in
features meant to help you take better, clearer pictures in all sorts of
environments. The pictures and movies taken with the CL80 will
definitely be remembered. Not to mention that the camera itself looks
awfully good too!
The only thing that this advanced point-and-shoot doesn t do is make and
receive phone calls. Sure, cell phones also happen to have good cameras
on board these days but I don t think we have the necessary technology
yet to produce a device that can both be used as a cell phone and as a
true, standalone, point-and-shoot camera. Or maybe we do have it but
making such a device isn t as cheap as we d like it to be!
Speaking of pricing and availability dates, you can expect the camera to
arrive this spring although we have no prices for you at this point. You
should be ready to pay the extra bucks if you want to choose this
compact cameras instead of one of the cheaper versions presented by
Samsung at CES this year.
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