Monday, 10 May 2010

Iomega ScreenPlay Devices Revealed New Digital Media Box, 1080p, CinenaNow, Blu-Ray Disc Images

Iomega has taken the cover off of their new line of digital media boxes.
The ScreenPlay line will launch with two units that will enable you to
wirelessly stream your media from the internet to your big televisions.
The high-end model is the ScreenPlay Director HD while the entry-level
model is the Screenplay TV Link Director.
The only difference between the two devices is that the Director HD
model comes with an on-board 1TB hard drive, while the TV Link model is
free of any on-board HDD. The devices will be able to play any
video format you could possibly want, including DivX, H.264, WMV and
MKV. For those seedy people who frequent torrent sites – the two
devices will even be able to directly play DVD and Blu-Ray disc images.
In addition to your own movie files, the ScreenPlay devices can view
YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and Shoutcast internet radio stations. An
RSS reader (for reading TFTS, of course) and a podcast viewer are also
included on the device. Unfortunately, no Netflix support although you
can subscribe to VOD service CinemaNow if you want. If you're
interested, the 1TB-equipped Director HD will cost $250 while the
smaller TV Link will cost $130. No information on a release date was
available, currently.
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