Monday, 10 May 2010

Sierra Wireless Overdrive 3G/4G WiMAX Hotspot Announced by Sprint Sprint Overdrive WiMAX Hotspot Coming on January 2010

Sprint has announced its first 3G/4G WiMAX mobile hotspot, the
Overdrive, made by Sierra Wireless. The device, rumored to be launched
by Sprint in 2010, will be available in Sprint and Best Buy stores
starting with January 10.The Overdrive is therefore the first gadget of
its kind capable to offer you 4G speeds. The device will let you connect
multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices to Sprint s 4G network acting basically
as an upgraded MiFi capable of faster speeds.
The Overdrive, which, for some reason, is a cool name, will let you
connect up to five devices at the same time which will be able to share
that precious 4G WiMAX connection capable to offer you a connection up
to 10 times faster than regular 3G. The device also supports regular 3G
connectivity so you ll be able to use it even in areas where there s no
WiMAX coverage available just yet.
Dan Hesse, Sprint s CEO had this to say about the new WiMAX toy:
This device delivers the connected lifestyle to our customers in
overdrive. The fact that it connects up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices is
especially meaningful because at 4G speeds, customers can download and
upload more data "gigabytes, not megabytes "in a matter of seconds. The
Overdrive on the 4G network is made for the multitude of
bandwidth-hungry applications customers want to access wirelessly, like
video streaming. 4G beats 3G for speed and for value.
The Overdrive will feature an LCD that shows battery life and Internet
connection status, a web interface for customizing settings and built-in
GPS capability. A microSD slot for up to 16GB memory cards is always
useful and the device will offer you a more than generous 150 feet range.
The Overdrive will be available for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate as
long as you re ready to sign a new two-year contract with Sprint of at
least $59.99 per month. What do you think?
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