Sunday, 2 May 2010

Microsoft Confirms Project Natal Release Date for Holiday 2010 Project Natal Motion Control Gaming Coming to Xbox 360 by the End of the Year

While I am not happy with Microsoft for not announcing the Courier at
CES 2010, I must admit I can be at least relieved to see that Project
Natal is coming this year. Redmond has confirmed it but unfortunately
for us we re not going to see it before the end of the year.Project
Natal, that motion sensing device needed to turn on motion control
gaming on our Xbox 360 consoles is going to be available in stores this
holiday season. You re in for a long wait so you d better get ready for
it. Save some money, write an early letter to Santa and hope for the
best this next Christmas. While no pricing details have been announced
during the Microsoft keynote, the device is going to cost less than $100
and I assume that most Xbox 360 owners will want to get it later this year.
Project Natal, along with Sony s own motion control device, could
deliver a significant blow to Nintendo s Wii but it s too early to say
if the new gadgets are going to become bestsellers. Project Natal relies
on motion-sensing cameras and various sensors which coupled with the
much needed software updates will turn our body movements into in-game
responses. Natal will work with all Xbox 360s sold to date so you won t
have to upgrade your console in order to get it.
Besides confirming Natal for the 2010 holiday season Microsoft also
announced a new service for the Xbox. The Game Room should bring you
over 1,000 games in the next three years which means that each week you
re about to get lots of new titles. Using the new service you ll be able
to engage in combat over the Xbox Live network with your fellow
colleagues. What s interesting about the new service is that PC gamers
will also be able to compete against friends on bots platforms.
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