Sunday, 2 May 2010

Plastic Logic QUE ProReader Officially Revealed Plastic Logic's Flexible TouchScreen QUE E-Reader Is Revealed At CES 2010

Plastic Logic has officially revealed the oft-reported Plastic Logic QUE P
roReader, a large format, flexible e-reader with a 10.7-inch touchscreen
display.ย After initial reports and teasers hit the web in October,
Plastic Logic has made their QUE ProReader official today at CES 2010.
With the flurry of e-reader news at CES, the Plastic Logic QUE ProReader
is a clear standout alongside the slightly larger Skiff Reader.ย The
QUE ProReader, however, adds new functionality to the world of e-reader
devices.ย The Plastic Logic QUE is controlled entirely by touch- and
gesture-based input, including a touchscreen keyboard that allows its
users to input text as annotations and even to send email.
The Plastic Logic QUE ProReader measures in at the familiar size of 8.5
x 11 inches, with a 10.7-inch touchscreen display.ย The unit is
constructed in flexible plastic, and features only one button (the home
button) on its entire build.ย The QUE ProReader can interface with
the Barnes and Noble e-book store that is used on the Nook, in addition
to third-party e-book and news subscription services from a star studded
list of newspaper content providers.ย The QUE ProReader will begin
shipping in April starting at $649 for a 4GB model with WiFi or $799 for
an 8GB model with WiFi and 3G connectivity.
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