Sunday, 2 May 2010

Philips Activa PMP Keeps You In Shape Philips Announces Fitness-Oriented PMP Device

Yesterday we covered the MyFit from Samsung which was a fitness-based
PMP. Now Philips is trying their hand at a fitness based PMP device with
the Activa . Don't mind that it's named similarly to the digestive
improvement yogurt – this is a no-frills PMP device.
The Activa will be a small pocket player, and will have a capacity of
either 4GB or 8GB. It'll include a clip for people on the go, and can
match your music based on tempo a
nd your workout. Like the MyFit, it can count your calories, and
distance ran. It can even talk to you, giving you audio feedback on your
status if you desire.
The Activa will come sometime in April 2010, and will cost $130. No
price on the competing MyFit was announced, but it'll likely cost more.
With phones quickly becoming PMPs, look for more and more PMPs to fill
niches that phones cannot – like fitness helpers.
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