Saturday, 10 April 2010

ZOMM Wireless Leash Keeps Your Phone In Check Bluetooth Enabled Device Helps You Hold On To Your Lost Phones

Some people just have problems keeping track of their mobile phones. For
those people, the ZOMM Wireless Leash is here to save you. The so called
Wireless Leash tethers to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and then
attaches to your keyring. If you get too far from your phone, it sounds
an audible alarm to alert you that something is wrong.
ZOMM will let you receive calls, in the event you've got an urgent call
and can't reach your phone, and will let you dial out to 911 via the
ZOMM. It's sort of similar to the iWallet, which we covered some time
ago, a smart wallet that would be tethered to your phone via Bluetooth
and would alert you if it got too far away.
The ZOMM will officially be revealed at this year's impending CES, and
will have a retail price of $79. Of course, if you buy it, just don't
lose your phone and the ZOMM.
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