Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spy ID Card Camcorder Unveiled Goofy ID Card Has Miniture Camcorder, 4GB of Storage

Brickhouse Security, a website that sells security and tracking
equipment (like Teen Trackers , lock pick kits and sex kits ) has
begun selling a small ID card that actually contains a camcorder and can
let you discreetly record conversations. Brickhouse claims that the Spy
ID Card Camera uses the thinnest digital video recorder produced.
The ID card camera is just a bit bi
gger than a credit card, and features a surprising 4GB of on-board
memory. It allows you to take 2.5 hour of video or audio recordings. In
it's digital camera mode, it can take hundreds of photos. A fourth
'webcam' mode lets you broadcast your spying exports elsewhere. Just
make sure you've got the WiFi configured properly before you go in for
that big bust.
The camcorder takes video at a measly 15fps at aย meagerย resolution of
352 x 288, so you won't be taking any award winning 1080p HD video. As
for the camera itself – it is a rather odd looking thick ID card.
Most workplaces wouldย recognizeย it as not one of theirs right away,
and anybody giving the card any amount
ofย scrutinyย wouldย recognizeย theย noticeableย holes in the top. It
would make a good gag gift, but don't try to take down the Mafia with
it. The Spy ID Card Camera is now shipping from Brickhouse for a price
of $100.
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