Saturday, 10 April 2010

Syabas Popbox Revealed New Low-Cost, High-Quality Media Streaming Box Coming At CES

Syabas is aiming for the mainstream with their new Popbox Digital Media
set-top box. The popbox is cheaper than most other digital boxes on the
market, and features Netflix support and a great user interface, making
it dangerous in the digital streaming market.
The Popbox will have such online channels like Netflix, Facebook,
Twitter and Major League Baseball. The Syabas user interface has been
overhauled for the new box, and now features automatic IMDB and AllMusic
lookup for movies and music. Unf
ortunately, the Popbox will lose the BitTorrent support found on earlier
The Popbox hardware itself has been slimmed down from previous
generations, and Syabas promises that the box will be silent. It is
still HD capable, and for memory expansion, two USB ports and a SD slot
are included (unfortunately, the Popbox loses the internal hard drive
slot found on earlier Syabas models).
The Syabas Popbox will be unveiled to the press at CES on January 5th,
with an expected retail price of $130, which is considerably lower than
similarly featured products from Roku, who is likely the market leader
at this point.
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