Thursday, 1 April 2010

uCrown 2 Massage Helmet Revealed Quirky Head Gadget Massages Your Head, Plays Music In Your Ear, $200

Do you get painful headaches at the end of the day that just won't go
away? Perhaps you should try the hip, cool, new uCrown 2 Massage Helmet
from Brookstone. The uCrown 2 is an expensive plastic helmet that
; your head and plays soft music for you while you unwind.
Brookstone is the retailer selling this bizarre self-help gadget.
Brookstone, a electronics retailer mostly in the Northeast United
States, is more quirky like Sharper Image than high-end like Best Buy.
The uCrown 2 Massage Helmet is one of their many massage offerings, as
they also will sell you massage chairs, feetย massagers,
backย massagers, etc.
As for the uCrown 2, it's a large plastic helmet that straps onto the
top of your head. It combines air pressure, vibration and magnetic
technology to massage your head, and also provides some warm heat to go
along with it. To add to your relaxation, speakers inside the headset
can play pre-set 'soothing' music. Some way to get your own music into
the uCrown would have bee nice, I guess we'll have to wait for the
uCrown 3.ย Head relaxation isn't cheap, and the uCrown 2 will set you
back $200. For those who are craving a good head rub down – the
uCrown 2 is now shipping.
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