Thursday, 1 April 2010

Nook Not Shipped by Christmas? Barnes & Noble Rewards You with $100 in Case of nook Shipping Delays

It s not all good news for those of you that have already ordered up a
nook thinking it will arri
ve just in time to neatly place it under the Christmas tree. In fact it
looks like some people won t get the nook even if they were supposed to
receive it by December 24.The nook seems to be a great eReader and it
will definitely fight well against the Kindle but I m sure people will
not appreciate all these shipping delays coming from Barnes Noble.
Fortunately for everyone that pre-ordered the nook as a gift, Barnes
Noble thought of a way to reward their patience.
Everyone waiting for a nook by December 24 and not getting one will
receive a $100 gift card from Barnes Noble. That s not a bad way to
say �I m sorry! �, isn t it? At this point I bet there are a few people
hoping to have their nook delayed for a few days in order to receive the
complimentary $100 gift card.
On top of that $100 gift card you will also have your nook shipped
overnight which means you will receive it by December 29 at the latest.
And in case your nook is coming late this Christmas then you ll end up
buying it for around $159 which makes it one of the cheapest readers in
Those of you that haven t been able to order a nook yet and are relying
on Amazon for their last minute eReader gifts should know that the
Kindle DX is out of stock. The Kindle DX now has an estimated shipping
date of 4 to 6 weeks according to Amazon so you re really out of luck.
Maybe the regular Kindle should be still available, but who wants that
reader nowadays when other alternatives are available?
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