Thursday, 1 April 2010

Palm Pre Plus Rumored to Debut at CES 2010 Upgraded Palm Pre Plus Smartphone Supposedly Headed for Verizon

In a week you're waiting for Santa to deliver your Christmas gifts, in
two weeks you'll treat yourself with a drink for New Year's Eve, and in
three weeks you'd better have your Las Vegas plane tickets with you as
the new CES 2010 Show kicks in from Jan 7 to Jan 10. Speaking of CES, at
this year's event Palm is slated to hold a keynote and if rumors
are true the company will announce a new handset destined for Big Red.
If our sources have it right, it looks like one of Verizon's first webOS
smartphones, the Palm Pre is getting an upgrade in the form of the new
Palm Pre Plus. There's not much known regarding what's down under, but
since voices have said that the device hasn't been touched design-wise,
it looks like we're in for either more storage or maybe better performance.
Other than the Palm Pre Plus, the smartphone manufacturer is also
expected to come up with a Wi-Fi equipped Palm Pixi that will find its
way to Verizon, too.
A good move if we're to consider that Palm has seen declining sales as
of late, given the lack of carrier choices.
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