Sunday, 11 April 2010

Toshiba, Gateway Netbooks Getting Pine Trail Two More Netbook Models Getting Pine Trail At CES

With CES 2010 just days away, a Canadian retailer has leaked information
on upcoming netbooks from Toshiba and Gateway that will carrying Intel's
new Pine Trail silicon. The models are pretty similar, and have been
leaked early ahead of an expected CES official unveiling.
The Canadian listings for the two netbooks have similar stats. Both will
feature the Intel N450 processor (clocked at 1.66GHz), a 10-inch
display, 1GB of memory, and Intel's GMA onboard graphics. However,
they'll come with different hard drives (Gateway – 160GB, Toshiba
– 250GB). Both will come with Windows 7 Starter edition. As you
can see, pretty typical as far as netbooks go.
They both will differ in price. Gateway's will cost C$299 (US$284) while
Toshiba is asking C$459 (US$436) for the larger hard drive. As CNET
reports, both computer companies are planning to introduce new,
full-sized notebooks as well (remember those?), that will feature
Intel's Core i3 processor. Expect the new full-sized notebooks to be
unveiled at CES. The two netbooks covered in this article will be
released, January 8th.
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