Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lenovo ThinkPads Getting Dual Core Processors Lenovo Adding Core i5/i7 Processors To Their Fullsize Notebooks

With CES starting in just four days, reports have leaked onto the
internet that Lenovo will be refreshing for new notebooks in their
ThinkPad line. The T410, T410S, T510 and W510 notebooks will all be
getting an upgrade, as they'll be receiving a new dual-c
ore processor, courtesy of Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 processors.
For the ultraportable Lenovo T410S, they're adding a choice between the
Core i5-520M (2.4GHz) or it-540M (2.53GHz). For the Lenovo T410 and
T510, Lenovo is adding the same two processors, with the additional
choice of the Core i7-620M (2.8GHz). The high-end W510 is the best
choices, between the Core i7-720M, Core i7-820M or Core i7-920M, elite
choices all.
The W510 will also be upgradable to 16GB of RAM, and can come with a
rendering Quadro FX 880 graphics card. All of the four notebooks are
being given new keyboards, and the touchpads will now be multitouch
equipped. They'll all go on sale January 7th (the day CES starts, oddly
enough), with the low end T410S starting at $999 and the high-end W510
setting you back $1,599.
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