Sunday, 11 April 2010

ProVision AXAR HD Streaming Tech Showed Off New Technology Streams HD Video Quickly, Dedicated Set-Top Boxes Coming

Digital media boxes that stream content off of your wireless network are
very common, but unless you have it attached via Ethernet, streaming HD
content can be slow, even with the faster 802.11 standards. If you're
looking to stream HD content faster across your home, then ProVision has
got your sol
The AXAR1500 Sender will be plugged into your HD DVR or Blu-Ray player,
and then will wirelessly transmit its own signal to all AXAR receivers,
computers or other HDTVs, in your house. As opposed to sending the video
through your wireless network, the Sender uses 802.11n to directly send
the video content to the AXAR receivers.
The AXAR Sender will have a range of 900 feet. You'll need to buy a
standalone AXAR receiver for every HDTV in your home, but that's a small
price to pay for quick streaming HD. The video will be encoded in H.264
and currently the technology can support streaming two streams at the
same time.
Website was shown a demo of the technology and came away
pleased. Picture quality was very good ... even though the signal was
being fired over the air from a ground floor living room to first floor
bedroom. They reported.
ProVision is in talks to partner with other, bigger technology
companies, so you may see it released with Toshiba or some other
corporation – however, with this new AXAR technology, it's
possible that soon you could have one Blu-Ray player and one HD DVR for
all HDTVs in your house.
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