Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tapulous iPhone Developer Makes a Fortune from the App Store iPhone Game Developer Sells $1 Million Worth of Apps a Month

Apple s App Store is one of the most successful business ideas of our
modern time. Sure you need a great portable device like the iPhone or
the iPod touch in order for an app store to take off. But once you have
that device, success is guarantee
d. The App Store currently has over 100,000 apps in its inventory and
over 2 billion have been made. Is it a gold mine?It s definitely a gold
mine for Apple but it also happens to be bringing in huge profits for
certain app developers. One such app developer is Tapulous which is
selling now over $1 million worth of apps each month. That s certainly
something remarkable for a company that only has about 20 employees.
The company has one very popular game called Tap Tap Revenge. The game
has been installed more than 20 million times and there have been played
more than 600 million games to date. According to comScore, one third of
Apple app users have installed the game already which is only good news
for Tapulous.
CEO Bart Decrem expects his company to grow even more in the following
years. That s certainly a possibility considering that Apple will keep
launching new iPhones and the App Store will continue to grow as more
and more people will decide to get the Apple s handsets.
Tapulous hasn t mentioned exact numbers but the company is definitely
doing good. Not only does it sell games and in-game songs but it also
has ads to bring in extra cash. As you can see start-up companies
definitely have a chance in the app business, especially if those apps
are designed for one of the most popular cell phone on the market.
What about you? Do you have an app or a game that could become the next
hot thing in the App Store?
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