Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Gets Atom N450 Dell Revamps Mini 10 Netbook Line With Next Gen Processor, Design Refresh

Hours after Intel announced a new line of netbook processors, Dell
revealed the new Dell Inspiron Mini
10– the first to feature the new Intel Atom N450.ย The new Dell
Inspiron Mini 10 has received a design refresh and hardware upgrade to
take advantage of Intel's new netbook powerhouse.
The new Dell Inspiron Mini 10 will boast nearly 10 hours of battery life
thanks to a larger, low-profile battery and the greater efficiency of
the Intel Atom N450 chipset.ย While some of the earlier Dell Mini 10's
featured a six-cell battery, the new design sneaks it into the back of
the case without the annoying netbook bump .ย The N450 processor
features the same 1.66 GHz clock speed as the prior model, but does so
with approximately 80% of the power consumption.ย Together, the
low-profile six-cell battery and the efficiency of the N450 give the
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 a nice upgrade in the battery life department.
The new Dell Inspiron Mini 10 will also feature the Broadcom Crystal HD
Accelerator which will run in concert with the new processor to provide
HD playback on the 1366 x 768 display.ย Add a TV tuner and this little
netbook becomes more of an entertainment PC that simply a bare bones web
terminal.ย In addition to the graphic and processing upgrades, the Dell
Inspiron Mini 10 will include Bluetooth, WWAN and GPS, the latter of
which has not yet been available in Windows 7 models (and no official
word that it will be available in this iteration).
The new Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with the Intel Atom N450 processor will
begin shipping in January, starting at $299.
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