Thursday, 1 April 2010

Simpsons Arcade Game Coming to the App Store iPhone and iPod touch to Get Simpson Arcade Game

The Simpson Arcade game is by far one of my all time favorite arcade
games, and I have played a few in my time. And this particular arcade
game is coming soon to an iPhone or iPod touch near you. That s what I
call good news, especially at this time of the year.EA Mobile is
apparently working hard on the iPhone version of The Simpson Arcade. EA
Mobile says that the game is a �throwback to the actual arcade game
from the early 90s. � You ll get to play as Homer, one of the most reco
gnizable characters of the Simpsons series, and you ll be racing down
the streets of Springfield in order to get a donut. On the way you ll
have to throw down with lots of evil people that want to stand between
you and your precious donut. I m pretty convinced that those evil
characters will also have a secret agenda so kick their ass with no remorse.
My favorite character is Bart Simpson and I m already sorry I can t pick
him out. Homer can punch, kick, belly-flop and butt-slam his evil
enemies but I d trade everything off for a mean Bart Simpson with a
skateboard in his hands.
Although Homer seems really strong, you ll have to closely monitor his
health bar. You ll certainly hate seeing him die just as he gets closer
to his objectives. Luckily for us, Homer can earn various power-ups on
the way which will bring to life other members of the family to help him
deal with the enemies. On top of fighting the bad guys all the way to
the final objective, you will also be playing various mini-games
including the popular �Slap Homer � game.
Personally I can t wait to get my hands on the game. I m already a big
fan of the show and I wouldn t mind virtually slapping some Springfield
dudes whenever I get the chance. EA Mobile hasn t announced actual
availability dates for The Simpsons Arcade game but we re expecting it
to arrive in the near future.
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