Friday, 16 April 2010

SunBrite 5510HD All-Weather TV Announced SunbriteTV's 5510HD TV Runs In Rain Or Shine, Hot Or Cold

SunBrite has revealed a new 55-inch TV designed to withstand heat, cold,
water and dust for outdoor viewers.ย The SunBriteTV 5510HD All-Weather
Outdoor LCD TV provides 1080p resolution HD in temperatures up to 122
degrees Fahrenheit and full contact with heavy rain.
The SunBrite 5510HD TV's exterior is sealed to prevent leaks from rain,
while the fans in the en
closure keep the unit running in heat up to 122 degrees.ย Beer gardens,
backyard patios, outdoor sports arenas and other locations can take
advantage of SunBrite's aims of created a large-scale weatherproof TV.ย
Beyond the weather resistant features, the SunBrite 5510HD TV offers
1080p HD at a 120Hz refresh rate and a 4000:1 contrast ratio.ย This
SunBrite also features a range of connectivity including HDMI (with four
sets of i/o), VGA, component, s-video, composite, RF and RS232, as well
as IR control for common remotes.
SunBrite's new 55-inch unit is the largest the company offers, in
comparison to the 23, 32 and 46-inch TV's currently in production.ย The
SunBriteTV 5510HD All-Weather Outdoor LCD TV is available and shipping
now for $7,195.
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